ThinkDesign is the solution "CAD all-in-one": parametric CAD 3D and CAD 2D, Solid and Surfaces

ThinkDesign offers a single environment for your solid modeling, surface and creation of sheet metal components.

Must you make a quick change to your piece? Do you need to modify only a dimension to get a new project without redesigning the pieces? 

...ThinkDesign has maximum flexibility and simpliciter in the parametric design.

The 2D/3D integrated environment allows you to simultaneously view a 3D object and its view in 2D, in addition to the sheet metal unfold and all infomation for bending machine.

Using ThinkDesign you are able to create any shape: hoods, ducts, hoppers, pipes, elevatore, gutters, chimneys,...

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ThinkDesign SUITE 

is available in some different versions; each of them differs from the other for its functionalities that are specific for the different application areas:   

ThinkDesign Drafting


ThinkDesign Engineering
The solution that enables companies to proceed with speed, efficiency and flexibility in the process of product engineering, combining the traditional 2D design commands with many innovative features of 3D design.    





 ThinkDesign Professional

The full product version, dedicated to requiring a single powerful comprehensive solution, covering all the design cycle




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