FACTORY is a software ERP*(*Enterprise Resource Planner) designed to meet all your requirements:

•    How much is the finished product?
•    How much is the profit margin on a job order?
•    Do we have the materials to start the production?
•    When will be able to dispatch the goods?

Factory computerizes the production data flow, and from the analysis of these data you can increase the organization and reduce the production costs.

Factory controls the job order advancement collecting the data production in real time.
With Factory you have the production under control.
The system has a basic configuration but it is modular and scalable so we can supply our customers with tailor made solutions.

You can start with the basic configuration consisting in:

  • Configuration of the system
  • Bill of Materials
  • Orders and Job Orders
  • Data Collecting and Production Advancement
  • Deliveries
  •  Final Balance
  • Statistics

…and widened it with the following modules:


  • Planning
  • Warehouse, needs, MRP
  • Orders to suppliers
  • Attendance recording system
  • Synoptic
  • Control CNC machinery
  • Data exchange with management software and business intelligence
  • Data exchange with CAD, CAM, PDM software