The AutoPOL sheet metal software concept is a modern 3D system for off-line press brake programming and unfolding of 3D CAD files.
The whole concept is based on two main packages. Then there also add-ons available for those who require that specific functionality. A brief description of each package and add-on is found below.



AutoPOL Bend Simulator is a modern 3D software solution for off-line programming of press brakes.

Programming a press brake off-line gives many advantages regarding productivity and economy. The main areas where you benefit are:

  • Drastic reduction of machine down time.
    Instead of occupying the machine when programming on the controller, you produce parts while new programs are created on a PC.
  • Reduced programming time.
    Programming off-line does not only help you avoid down time, it is also faster.
  • Quicker machine set-up.
    With well documented and clear production reports, machine preparation and tool rigging is more efficent.
  • Less scrap.
    With extremely accurate flat pattern calculation, due to AutoPOLs unique methods, initial scrap parts are heavily reduced. Get the first piece right!!!
  • Validate productivity.
    Thanks to off-line programming you can discover and avoid potential manufacturing problems before the part is taken into production. Finding out in "mid-production" costs a lot of money...
  • Optimize production.
    With smart and highly visual interface it is easy to create more efficent programs. More helpful back gauging, smart auto-sequencing and optimized set-ups are examples where AutoPOL can help you create programs with shorter cycle times


All of the above benefits are achieved through the use of advanced, but still easy to use, functionality built into the software. Throughout the whole process the user can get help selecting tools, calculating an optimal bend sequence, positioning back gauges, making efficent tool set-ups etc



AutoPOL Unfolder is software for calculation of flat-pattern from 3D models created in 3D CAD systems.

AutoPOL Unfolder is stand-alone software, completely independent of other CAD platforms. It is also more production orientated than other similar software, taking into account things like material and tooling.
Those are major factors in getting good production results.

The main benefits of using Unfolder are:

  • Unfolding everything single-curved...
    ...means that you are able to get flat patterns from all models from simple profiles to advanced pieces with free form surfaces.
  • Adapt to production... crucial to get an accurate calcualtion of the flat pattern. AutoPOL will, in contrast to many others, take things like material and machine tooling into account.
  • Stand-alone and independant...
    ...means that you do not have to bother what other CAD/CAM software you encounter. They can all output files that you can use.
  • Output ready for production.
    All the output from Unfolder is ready for production, meaning that no additional input is needed.
    The pattern contains bend lines, angles, tool info etc. and is CAD/CAM software friendly and user configurable.
  • Quick to learn and use.
    AutoPOL Unfolder is a piece of software that is very easy to learn and use.
    The user interface is very graphical and self explaining. Actually very little computer skills are needed...


creates 3D models, and flat patterns, of parts you design yourself. Examples can be brackets, boxes and profiles.
The design process is parametric, meaning that you can change the design or dimensions at any time.
Design can be added to both the BendSim and Unfold package.