MASTERNEST is powerful and comprehensive option for automatic nesting of shapes; It results in reduced offcuts and optimized use of material.

-Rapid placement of parts

-Scrap minimization

-User-defined nesting criteria

-Technology-oriented nesting

-Automatic selection of sheet formats


MASTERNEST is property Amada and belongs to the suite AP100EU.


MASTERSTORE allows you to manage AUTOMATIC WAREHOUSE machines for laser cutting and punching machines.

The automated warehouses may vary from single cell composed of a machine and related devices for loading and unloading raw materials, workpieces and scrap, in lines of much greater dimensions including more cells and a greater amount of locations for the storage of the material and machined parts.

You have a real-time update of the inventory situation, on all workstations connected to MasterSTORE.


MASTERSTORE is property Amada and belongs to the suite AP100EU.


METAL DESIGNER 2D is 2D-CAD system, EASY and QUICK. Nothing is missing! Only 2 days of training.

The METAL DESIGNER 2D cad software includes specific libraries for sheet metal production (grida, notches, etc.) and mechanics (gears, mathematical curves, etc.). In addition, for the creation of functions written for signs.

It has interfaces for importing and exporting files in DXF and DWG formats (always updated with the latest versions of AutoCAD.


METAL DESIGNER 2D is property Amada and belongs to the suite AP100EU.