CAM Software for 2D cutting

AXION offers more solutions for programming for any kind of fluid jet cutting machines (laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet) as well as for punching and combined-technology machines. Whichever the machines you operate,the solution is configured to satisfy your programming process while taking into account the specificities of each technology or machine.


I-SPHERA is a CAD/CAM software for every cutting technology, such as: laser, punching, plasma, Oxy cutting, and water-jet.

I-SPHERA has special modules for the solution of specific problems such as: the development of parametric shapes for air treatment, the ability to obtain a vector graphic starting from an artistic paint or drawing, inlay managing, cutting from a coil, single parts loading and unloading, interaction with FMS and handling robots as well as many others custom oriented solutions. I-SPHERA keeps its main feature of providing a single operating environment with all its functions always available. Nevertheless, the system can be set up in modular way so as to allow users to fit it with the tools they require for their production.
Recently updated to full compatibility with Windows 10 and it has been entirely programmed with object-oriented technologies and developed with C++ and C# language.



-Geometries import from formats *.DXF (from all CAD), *.DWG (from AutoCAD®), *.WKF (from Metal Designer/VisiCAD), *.PAR (from PUNCH5)

-2D Integrated CAD to modify and create geometries

-Gaps filling and double entity check



-Parts Library to get fast researches about material and thicknessi

-Complete management of sheet metal repositioning for punching and combi machines

-Punching or laser macro technologies to perform the tool allocation

-Scrap destroying in order to avoid head collisions

-Skeleton slit for easiest scraps management

-Streamline/T-cut scrap

-Common cuts

-Turret setup fast customization

-Automatic marking code for imported parts

-Bevel cut management and Tubes cutting fro 2-axis machines

-Several printout reports available



-Interactive nesting to speed the manual parts positioning

-Automatic nesting to reduce programming times and minimize waste

-Option "BEST NEST" to reach top level nesting performance

Customer care

AXION provides the customer with targeted assistance and continuous. The services are reserved for customers who adhere to program of Software Maintenance Service.

Here what are the benefits that this service provides:

-Support (Hot-Line) and Mail-Support

-Remote Assistance

-Direct access to "updates" to download the latest Patches

-Annual update of the software

-Discounts in training and technical interventions in c / o the client's company


CAD-CAM Support

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The service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:30.